Amy Ellis

Amy Ellis, Mental Health Clinician for Shields & Stripes

Amy Ellis

Mental Health

Amy Ellis is a mental health clinician for Shields & Stripes.

Amy Ellis, LMHC-S, CSOTS, is a licensed mental health clinician for Shields & Stripes, Inc.  She is the owner and CEO of The Healing Impact, a non-profit group practice that provides an array of mental health treatment services with an emphasis on reclaiming lives after trauma.

Amy is the wife of a Vietnam Veteran who shares her passion for helping others and improving mental health. She has been a licensed clinician for over 23 years, is trained in multiple evidence-based treatment modalities, and has extensive experience both as a clinician and in clinical program development and management (residential and outpatient). 

Throughout her career, she has witnessed firsthand the barriers to treatment for our military personnel, first responders, and law enforcement – the individuals who sacrifice so much for others. Amy is passionate about ensuring services are accessible for everyone and about providing individualized, evidence-based treatment to facilitate the healing journey.