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They Raised Their Hand and Pledged to Protect You.

Now, They Need Your Help.

Our nation’s Military Veterans and First Responders have a 5 x higher risk of experiencing mental health problems due to constant exposure to death and destruction.

Sadly, the current mental health system in America was unprepared for this reality, and today, those brave men and women need help to survive life.

Our Military Veterans and First Responders Secretly Fight Their Own Battles.

Did You Know?

Between 17 and 44 veterans commit suicide daily?

The previous report of 17.2 a day reporting doesn’t account for accidents, undetermined, reported self-harm, or overdoses, resulting in undercounting errors.

In One Year, We Lost…




Data reporting is conducted with the intent to raise awareness and has sourced several agencies to capture the most accurate data to reflect the problem we are trying help fix. If you feel the data does not reflect the current situation, please contact:

Shields & Stripes Is Helping Our Heroes!

With a top-tier, 3-month intensive program led by the finest doctors, therapists, nutritionists, and trainers, Shields & Stripes is now providing the care our brave warriors, protectors, and servants deserve.


Cost to attendees!

Trauma Focused Psychological Therapy




and Yoga

You can help Shields & Stripes continue their mission of saving our brave men and women and getting them on the road to a healthy, peaceful life.

Could You Handle This Over, and Over, and Over?…

What one police officer with military service experiences in their career…

  • NViolent or tragic death of children
  • NTraumatic suicides and homicides
  • NExplosions and gunfire
  • NAmbushes and unplanned attacks
  • NViolent physical assaults
  • NDeaths of co-workers
  • NHigh-speed traffic collisions
  • NEntry into burning buildings and vehicles
  • NChild abuse, neglect, poverty
  • NJob-related injuries
  • NPolitical and administrative assaults
  • NDestruction of family

How Your Donations Make a Difference

Your contribution enables attendees, referred to as athletes, to benefit from comprehensive care, starting with 3 weeks of personalized in-person support, followed by 9 weeks of telehealth.


Program Services




System Management

Team Member Spotlight

Dr. Heidi Anderson

Meet Dr. Heidi Anderson, the lead mental health consultant for Shields & Stripes.

Besides her work with Shields & Stripes, she is the founder of The Healing Impact, which helps people with trauma, and she has spoken nationally about healing from trauma.


Saturday, July 13, 2024

Join us for a day on the greens you won’t forget at the prestigious Country Club of Whispering Pines in North Carolina.

The driving range and registration starts on Saturday, July 13, 2024, at 7 am.

Your participation will directly benefit our signature program, which restores the lives of veterans and first responders.


We’re grateful for our amazing sponsors who care about our first responders and veterans as much as we do!

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⛳️ Register for Our 4th Annual Golf Classic Benefiting The Shields & Stripes Program! @shieldsandstripes 

🏌🏽‍♀️Join us for a day on the greens on July 13th at the Country Club of Whispering Pines in North Carolina.

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⛳️ Register for Our 4th Annual Golf Classic Benefiting The Shields & Stripes Program! 

🏌🏽‍♀️Join us for a day on the greens at Country Club of Whispering Pines in North Carolina.

🍺 Enjoy beer courtesy of local and veteran owned @southernpinesbrewing 

Register by June 13th and you’ll get an exclusive early bird pricing AND a @shieldsandstripes Polo to sport on the course.

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This Memorial Day, we honor the brave souls who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. 

Out of the pain and trauma of losing heroes, our nonprofit @shieldsandstripes was created. Every step we take in giving back is guided by the cherished memories of those we have lost. 

Our co-founder, Steven Nisbet’s story, is a testament of turning pain and hardship into impactful action - of finding a way to live intentionally and to positively impact the veteran community, who sacrifices so much. 

“Memorial Day can feel quite heavy - don’t let the rucksack fill up today. Those who have given their lives for our county and in service of their county, they would never want you to carry this burden around.” - Scott Miller, @shieldsandstripes Ambassador @asmiller9496 

This Memorial Day, honor, remember and commemorate by living the day with positive memories and hope.

Cover photo courtesy of @trexler_media 


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We are excited to announce that we’ve partnered with a veteran co-founded craft distillery for a project called Special Operations Salute. 

🔥Introducing the Army SOF Edition whiskey where $10 from each bottle sold goes to SOF supporting nonprofits, including us.🔥

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This unique blend of six and seven-year-old age, bourbon and rye whiskeys, bottled at “Howitzer Strength” 105 proof, is produced grain-to-glass by the @heritagedistilling Company, the most awarded distillery in North America for the past 10 years by the American Distilling Institute @americandistilling 

Each bottle comes with a collectible display tube and a frame-ready print of an original lithograph, created by veteran artist Michael Solovey, titled “SEND ME”. This work of art depicts Army SOF warriors from various eras. 

Visit or the link in our bio to purchase and learn more. 



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View this FULL GALLERY courtesy of @triciamichaelphoto at the link in our bio.

We are thrilled to announce you raised an incredible $105,000.00 for our Nation’s veterans and first responders! 

We extend our gratitude for those who showed invaluable support at our annual charity gala in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Thank you to our presenting sponsor, Amplify Federal, and all sponsors for their generous support of this event.

Our guest speakers, Shaye Haver and Luke Trexler @trexler_media captivated the audience, and we were honored to have our special guests, @riley.tejcek and Eric Weisfeld, in attendance.

This event couldn’t have been made possible without our dedicated volunteers and team members, but more importantly, our attendees.

We hope to see you and more supporters in 2025 when we return to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina!

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@harleydavidson Myrtle Beach