Our Program

Shields & Stripes provides a top-tier rehabilitation program for our military veterans and first-responders.

These brave men and women raised their hands and took an oath to protect each and every one of us, regardless of the cost.

The adversity these brave men and women encounter daily takes a toll on their bodies, both physically and mentally. They sustain injuries not visible to the naked or untrained eye.

The Program

We call our three-week in-person experience a “Program.” By definition, a program is when people with similar experiences come together, which is what happens here at Shields & Stripes

The programs happen multiple times a year at various locations.

Who Can Attend?

Our programs are for military veterans and first responders. The brave men and women who attend our programs are referred to as athletes.

Just as in professional sports, our athletes physically and mentally train to be the best they can be.

Are You Interested in Attending a Program?

If you are a veteran or first responder, active duty or retired, and need our help, we want you to apply for consideration into a program.

Leave your pride and ego aside, and complete our easy application.

What Happens at The Program?

At the program, our athletes immerse themselves in a transformative experience that goes beyond the classroom and training sessions.

They embrace a holistic approach to improve both their physical and mental health, setting a foundation for lifelong growth.

Our carefully designed programs empower athletes to apply the knowledge and skills they gain while with us, enabling them to thrive long after completing the program.

Trauma Focused Psychological Therapy




and Yoga

We Provide The Best Experts

We take immense pride in providing a remarkable team of doctors, therapists, and trainers who generously donate their time and expertise to support our Shields & Stripes athletes throughout their journey and beyond.

With their unwavering dedication and knowledge, our team plays a vital role in empowering our athletes to excel and thrive to reach their full potential.

Heidi Anderson, Lead Mental Health Clinician for Shields & Stripes

Dr. Heidi Anderson

Mental Health
Jennifer Byrne, Vice-President and Co-founder of Shields & Stripes

Dr. Jennifer Byrne

Occupational Therapy
Leanne McMillen, Lead Physical Therapist for Shields & Stripes

Dr. Leanne McMillen

Physical Therapist

The Facility

The program is held at an Exos facility. Athletes are provided accommodations and attend daily training and therapy sessions.

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