Barry Coulby

Barry Coulby, Treasurer for Shields & Stripes

Barry Coulby

Board Treasurer

Barry Coulby is the board treasurer for Shields & Stripes.

Barry Coulby is a seasoned finance professional with over 25 years of experience. He currently serves as President of Parliament Energy, a 640MW solar farm outside of Houston, TX and is a Managing Director in the Strategic Investments Group at Mercuria Energy, one of the world’s leading independent energy and commodity groups. Before his current role, he served as the Chief Financial Officer of a distributed datacenter startup, and prior to that, he created and led the strategic finance group at Constellation Energy. Barry is a Certified Public Accountant.

Barry received his MBA from Loyola University of Maryland and Bachelor of Science degrees in
Accounting and Business Management from Mount Saint Mary’s University.
Barry’s people-first approach to management has enabled him to be successful in his career and has helped him manage his teams through difficult situations. He believes that people and their diverse experiences are what make organizations flourish and grow. Acknowledgement and cultivation of individual strengths leads not only to self-efficacy but also to team empowerment. Every person on his team matters.

In recent years, Barry has seen firsthand the impact of family and friends, young and older, who
struggled with mental health. The path from diagnosis to treatment can be arduous, and oftentimes, it can feel overwhelming and demoralizing to those who need help the most. A desire to help in some way has led Barry to this opportunity to support the availability of mental health resources to members of our military.

For Barry, serving Shields & Stripes is an honor and privilege. It is his mission to help our heroes access the help that they need to feel self-actuated. He is grateful for the chance to use his skills and experience in service to those who have served our country.