Brian Carey

Brian Carey, Director of Operations of Shields & Stripes

Brian Carey

Director of Operations

Brian Carey is the Director of Operations of Shields & Stripes.

Brian Carey is a veteran military officer who has served over 22 years starting out as an enlisted Aviation Rescue Swimmer with the United States Navy in 1999.

He became a Commissioned Officer in 2007 pursuing a role as a U.S. Air Force Special Warfare Officer. He has filled roles from Team Leader to Director of Operations and Squadron Commander.

Brian has spent his career performing in roles that have largely been of service to others and hopes to continue this effort as he transitions from military service. Over the course of his 22 years and multiple combat deployments, Brian was forced to acknowledge the effects of several visible and non-visible injuries. This is what led him to discover the benefits of spiritual, cognitive and physical performance techniques.

Being involved in Special Operations Human Performance Programs, Brian was able to bounce back from injuries sustained in addition to overcoming a fight with skin cancer. This is not to mention the mental toll that comes with the complexities of leadership in combat and garrison that Brian experienced which forced him to focus not only on the physical aspect of the job but also mental rehabilitation methodologies.

Growing up as an athlete and remaining involved in a physically demanding profession, Brian cultivated a love for performance training and has found the desire to match these interests in his future. He hopes to continue to live his purpose in life by bringing mental, physical, and spiritual wellness support to other communities of professionals.

Brian retired from the Air Force in November of 2021 and will be attending the University of Michigan Stephen M. Ross School of Business to earn his Executive MBA.