Celia Cox

Celia Cox, Financial Director of Shields & Stripes

Celia Cox


Celia Cox is the Financial Director of Shields & Stripes.

Growing up with family members and close friends who are veterans and first responders, Celia has witnessed the toll that service related trauma can take on individuals and their families. It was these experiences that fueled the desire to help in any way further the life changing work that Shields & Stripes is able to do.

She has obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Northwestern State University of Louisiana and a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from East Carolina University. For over a decade, she has worked in the public accounting industry and founded her own accounting service firm, which services clients all across the nation. Her passion is creating an individualized experience for each client where they can better understand and have less stress surrounding their finances.

When not working or volunteering, Celia enjoys spending time with her rescue animals and her amusing nephews and niece.