Heidi Anderson

Dr. Heidi Anderson

Heidi Anderson

Clinical Development/
Research Director

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

Dr. Heidi Anderson is the Clinical Development and Research Director for Shields & Stripes.

Dr. Anderson, LCSW, PsyD has proudly served Shields & Stripes since the first cohort. President of Neural Network LLC and the Start Yesterday Foundation, she is a passionate active duty spouse currently serving Special Tactics overseas as a mental health provider.

As a clinical psychotherapist and neuroscience researcher, she has designed curriculum for corporations as well as nonprofits. Her research has focused on ways that cellular psychology can be utilized to harness the strategic power of the mind. She has worked for years with Special Operations Forces, veterans and first responders, tackling combat trauma, military sexual trauma and moral injury by using both trauma informed clinical modalities and peak performance enhancing strategies. This unique skill set has postured her to put together highly sought after curricula that has been featured by nonprofits and corporate organizations alike.

The sacrifice of service professionals is often overlooked as they neglect their own care in the pursuit of helping and protecting others. Too often their stories are minimized to fit one model of treatment that is standard protocol in order to return to the job at hand. Writing research and curriculum for Shields & Stripes, Heidi’s focus extends beyond mere functionality, embracing the entirety of the individual’s journey towards resilience and restoration.