Katie Tischler

Katie Tischler, Marketing Specialist of Shields & Stripes

Katie Tischler


Katie Tischler is the Communications Director for Shields & Stripes.

The Shields & Stripes mission is near to my heart. I have personally witnessed how traumatic events, sustained by our nation’s heroes, impact the individual, their loved ones, and the community. I see the sacrifices made by these great men and women and I believe the value that they provide us is priceless. They support us during life’s most difficult times, so when they require assistance, they deserve the highest level of care that they have rightfully earned. I look forward to the day that every first responder and veteran has access to the Shields & Stripes program.

When I’m not volunteering for Shields & Stripes I enjoy spending time with my family, my husband who is an active duty Air Force Pararescueman and with our belgian malinois. I own a floral preservation business, Pine Pressed Flowers, based in North Carolina with customers nationwide. I specialize in custom pressed floral wall hangings with a focus on weddings, memorials, and other special occasions. An important part of my business is the donation program where I donate my floral preservation services to the loved ones of fallen Pararescuemen and Combat Controllers.