Steven Nisbet

Steven Nisbet, President, Co-founder of Shields & Stripes

Steven Nisbet

President, Co-Founder

“Make your team follow you because they want to, not because they have to.”

Steven Nisbet is the President and Co-founder of Shields & Stripes.

Steven Nisbet is a veteran entrepreneur. He served nearly 16 years and medically retired in June 2021 from the U.S. Air Force as a Special Warfare Pararescueman. 

Steven grew up in Tucson, Arizona with aspirations to go to college and play soccer. After graduating high school and attending a local community college studying astronomy, Steven decided to enlist in the military to become a pararescueman in October of 2005.

Steven always had a drive and passion to help others, which made his decision to become a pararescueman an easy one. Steven served in ten combat deployments in various operating areas including Afghanistan, Africa, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen. Over this period, Steven lost over 15 teammates to combat or combat-related circumstances and has himself experienced mental health injuries due to sustained combat operations.

Steven’s passion to help others is just as strong today as when he began his service. His personal experiences with PTSD and other trauma-related symptoms have made him acutely aware of those groups that are in need of the very treatment he received.

Steven identified a lack of mental and physical health support within the law enforcement and first responder communities, thus creating Shields & Stripes.

He is the son of a 30-year law enforcement veteran and knows first hand how these careers can affect the individual. Steven’s mission with Shields & Stripes is to change the way public service professionals are cared for when they sustain mental and physical injuries caused by the career path they have chosen.