One Couple’s Generosity Helps Eight First Responders and Veterans

by | Feb 19, 2024 | News

The mission of Shields & Stripes is to provide comprehensive support to first responders and military veterans who are in crisis through programs that last three months. The programs are staffed by top-notch psychiatry, medical, fitness, and wellness professionals committed to helping our brave men and women rebuild their lives. However, as with any program providing first-class health and wellness services, costs are associated with ensuring this level of care can be provided to those who need it.

Earlier this month, Shields & Stripes was approached by Ryan and Holly Lambert, who wanted to help our mission. Through their compassion, they are committed to making sure those who have suffered in the service of the country receive the best care possible.

It Started at a Restaurant

In September of 2023, Ryan and Holly were having dinner at a restaurant in McLean, Virginia, where a couple sitting at the table next to them struck up a conversation about the restaurant, which led to small talk about work, parenthood, and balancing it all in life.

In January of 2024, Ryan scrolled upon a LinkedIn post calling for applications and donations for an upcoming Shields & Stripes program. Ryan recognized the author of the post as the person sitting next to him at the restaurant several months earlier. It was Geoff Tokajer, Vice Chairman of the Board for Shields & Stripes. Ryan replied to the post, stating simply, “Can we chat about this? I sat next to you at a cantina and felt like maybe there was a reason we are connected here.

The comment left by Ryan led to both men returning to the same restaurant, where Ryan made it clear why he and Holly are wanted to support Shields & Stripes; “We just want to give back.” This meeting led to the Lambert’s donation.

Caring for Others is Their Passion

Ryan and Holly are no strangers to caring for people and causes they feel so passionate about. They are the founders of Action Behavior Centers, the largest provider of pediatric autism therapy in the world and other highly successful ventures.

Ryan and Holly’s substantial donation will fund an entire Shields and Stripes 3-month “Program” program, which will change the lives of eight veterans and first responders and their families. Airfare, accommodations, meals, nutritional counseling, occupational therapy, trauma-focused psychological therapy, physical therapy, yoga, group and one-on-one therapy are now covered!

“Ryan and Holly’s donation left so many of us speechless. Not only does this allow our teams to focus on what is most important- our athletes and their families- but it is a symbol of their trust and dedication to the Shields & Stripes team. We are so thankful, and more energized than ever to save more families and more lives.”

Jennifer Byrne

Co-founder, Shields &Stripes

Want to Help?

You could personally affect the life of a first responder or veteran and their families through a simple act of kindness. Regardless of your contribution size, anything helps keep us providing support and care to the brave men and women who have sworn to protect us. Click here to make a donation to Shields & Stripes today.

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